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Budget Spreadsheet

I have been developing a budget spreadsheet for many years now. Everyone I have shown it too over the years has raved about it and said that I should market it. Well, I am finally doing it now.

If you have been posting your pay days and bills on a calendar to know when to pay them,
this spreadsheet is your solution.

It gives you a place to post your weekly incomes and outgoes and automatically calculates how much money you have "Clear" after bills each week. There are checkbook registers for your checking and savings accounts that enable you to reconcile your bank statements with ease. If you wish to categorize your expenses, it has a reports tab that will let you know "where your money went".

Below is a screen shot of the budget worksheet with sample incomes and outgoes. The dates at the top are week ending dates. The gray buttons in the upper left run macros that take you to the Checking Account check register. If you select a cell with an amount in it and click "Post Debit to Checking" or "Post Credit to Checking", a macro runs and copies that amount and the creditor info to your check register.



Below is a screen shot of the check register worksheet. For example, if you click on the "Go To Jan" button, a macro runs that takes you back to the budget for the month of January.

Cool huh???

!!!!! REVIEWS !!!!!

Brian:  This is the most awesome spreadsheet. I can tell when and how to pay my bills each week. Just awesome.

Faralyn:  I used to mark my calendar with income and bills. Using this, I can tell how much I have clear each week.

Regina:  This is an awesome way to keep up with your monthly bills. It is an excellent way to make sure your bills are paid in a timely and accurate manner. It's easy to use and I love the way you can do a bank reconciliation monthly without having to use paper and checks. Posting and paying bills is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You do not have to be an Excel pro or computer guru. You can keep up with all transactions yourself for important things like end of year taxes and much more.


!!!!! ORDER TODAY !!!!!

I could ask $100+ for this. But to kick this off, I am offering it for only $20.

Get yours TODAY. The spreadsheet comes with an "FAQ" worksheet for "Frequently Asked Questions" but I am always available for questions or customization requests. Click on the Buy Now below.